New Article: StackVision 6.3 New Features

Published Sep 06, 2018

The Development team at ESC has been hard at work adding new features designed to improve the StackVision software. With the release of StackVision 6.3, ESC has provided numerous updates in the New StackVision client for Cylinder Management, Dashboards, DataLab, ESC News Feed, LogBook, Options, Parameter Groups, and QA Test Deadlines.

Other areas affected by this release include CalLab, Configuration Compare, Reports Security and StackStudio.

Also available in the new client tools is EventLab, a feature used to compare, analyze, and modify data for planned and unplanned events. For example, you can use EventLab to add and modify records for flare events, as well as start-up, shut-down, and power outage events.

Read the complete article here for an overview of some of the new StackVision features implemented in this release.