ESC|8864 Data Controller Firmware Version 5.04.r15 Now Available

Published Sep 28, 2018

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ESC 8864 firmware version 5.04.r15 is now available for General Release. This update includes bug fixes for two issues introduced in the version 5.04.r13 release.

This update includes the following bug fixes:

  • Version v5.04.r15 now calculates "E" type calibration results correctly when the calibration has Response Times (Data Times) of 1 minute or less configured. This issue only affected firmware v5.04.r13. 
  • The debounce period for Digitally-Triggered Digital Events now downloads correctly. This bug was introduced in v5.04.r13 and does not apply to earlier versions.

To read the full notice and determine if you need to upgrade the 8864 firmware, click this link to view the Important Notice in the ESC Customer Community (requires login).

This notice relates to the following ESC products: Data Controllers