Are You Ready? 8832 Obsolescence Approaching Soon!

Published Sep 28, 2018

The ESC|8832 Data Controller will be obsolete on January 1, 2019. If you still have 8832's installed, you are at risk. Find out what you need to do to beat the deadline.

Once the 8832 is officially obsolete, the following is what you can expect:

  • Telephone and email support for the 8832 will end
  • ESC will no longer repair 8832s
  • ESC will no longer ship spare parts for the 8832
  • ESC|StackVision will no longer be tested for compatibility with the 8832
  • StackVision may no longer work with the 8832
  • Even if you have a stock of spare 8832s, you are at risk
Standard delivery for the 8864 is 60 days. Place your order by October 15th to ensure your facility is prepared for the cutoff date. Don't wait to upgrade until you experience problems. Contact our sales team today!

Visit the ESC Customer Community to read the official notice. (requires login).