New Article: StackVision 6.2 R1 New Features

Published May 11, 2018

The Development team at ESC has been hard at work adding new features designed to improve the StackVision software. With the release of StackVision 6.2 (Revision 1), ESC has provided numerous bug fixes, updates, enhancements, and new features. The new StackVision client has been expanded with the addition of a Cylinder Management tool, which will replace Cal Gas Management.

DataLab has also been redesigned and is now available as DataLab BETA in the new client. Other updates to the new client include a redesign of the toolbar menu icon, additions to QA test deadlines, changes to parameter selection, and enhancement of the server display options.

Multiple other areas affected by in this release are Consoles, Controller Emulation, Linearity, OPC UA, Platform Support, RATA, Reports, Sorbent Traps, Stack Studio, and User Accounts and Roles.

Read the complete article here to learn more about the StackVision 6.2 additions and improvements.