New Article: Cylinder Management

Published May 23, 2018

A good QA program has many elements, including but not limited to reviewing your data on a periodic basis, managing cylinder data, and recording Performance Specification (PS) testing information.

One of the new features in StackVision Version 6.2 is Cylinder Management, which replaces Cal Gas Management. Our new tool is an integral part of how StackVision helps collect and prepare the compliance portion of your QA program.

Cylinder Management allows you to manage gas cylinders that are used to run calibrations and validations for daily, weekly, quarterly, and annual QA tests (e.g., linearities, NOx correlations, RATAs). The Cylinder Management interface now shows all cylinder related information on one screen and allows you to assign them to calibration and validation phases.

Read the complete article here to learn more about using Cylinder Management. A helpful PDF document is also available for download.