Important Notice: Fix Required for ESC|StackVision 6.2

Published Mar 28, 2018

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We have identified an issue in ESC|StackVision Version 6.2 related to XML EDR. The issue is related to the UpscaleGasTypeCode not populating in the XML EDR. If you have downloaded Version 6.2 but not yet installed it, we advise that you wait until we are able to resolve this issue.

If you have already installed Version 6.2, please be aware of this issue. If you believe you are affected, contact ESC Support for a possible workaround. We have disabled the Version 6.2 download at this time but anticipate having a fix available soon.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact ESC Support at 512-250-7901 or


This notice relates to the following ESC products: StackVision