Engineering Services and More

Published Mar 19, 2018

Your facility deserves a CEMS data management partner—an experienced team of professionals who know how to do everything related to supporting your data acquisition and reporting.

In response to customer feedback, we have developed a variety of Engineering Services, as well as new IT and Reporting Services in order to serve you better. These have been specifically designed to keep you up-to-date with your facility’s requirements.

Engineering Services
Configuring any DAS is a complicated process. Our seasoned systems professionals can configure your DAS to your facility’s precise requirements, ensure it is updated, align it with the latest regulations, or make it work smoothly with your other resources. We'd love to help figure out your configuration challenges. Learn more here.

IT Services
Looking for ways to keep the server that hosts your DAS updated, secure, and playing nicely with the rest of your operations? Enter the comprehensive, IT Services from ESC. Our IT Services include a selection that ranges from just a little occasional help, like a Data Purge, all the way up to Remote Hosting where we take care of everything IT, all in our own hosted environment. Learn more here.

Reporting Services
Let ESC take data review and report preparation off your to-do list. Our reporting specialists will review your facility’s data, create all necessary reports, alert you to any problems, and help troubleshoot any errors. You can select a variety of reporting options—including EDR or Permit report creation and daily or weekly data reviews. Learn more here.

Stay tuned for more services to come as we evaluate your needs and feedback!
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