ESC|StackVision 6.2 General Release Now Available

Published Mar 20, 2018

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This release includes extensive enhancements to the New StackVision Client in Cylinder Management (New!), BETA-DataLab, Charts, Dashboards, QA Test Deadlines-BETA, LogBook, ESC News Feed, and Options Menu.

It is important to note that Cal Gas Management has been replaced by new client Cylinder Management.

Version 6.2 also includes new features, enhancements, and bug fixes in Controller Emulation, Documentation, OPC UA, Platform Support / SQL Server Service Pack Updates, Reports, Sorbent Trap, StackStudio as well as User Accounts and Roles.

Visit the ESC Customer Community to read the official Release Notice (requires login). For details about the release, see the online version of the ESC|StackVision Release Notes or the ESC|StackVision Downloads page in the ESC Customer Community.

Review the webinar 'StackVision 6.2 in a Nutshell' on the ESC website.


This notice relates to the following ESC products: StackVision